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Protest at the Daily Express

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Posted on September 22nd 2013

Comedian Mark Thomas has called a protest outside the offices of the Daily Express. The reckoning goes like this:

Daily Express owner Richard Desmond holds the newspaper in a company (or three) registered in the Channel Islands, a well known no / low tax haven, denying the British treasury of badly needed revenues. There are an estimated 4 million migrants working and paying taxes in the UK, cfeating much needed revenue for the public purse.

The Daily Express benefits from services and the infrastructure of the UK built at tax payers' expense. It is time for the Daily Express, therefore, to STOP SCROUNGING OFF MIGRANTS!

The protest will be held tomorrow (Monday 23 September) at The Daily Express and Daily Star, 10 Lower Thames Street EC3R 6EN (nearest tube Monument / Bank).

It should be fun.



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