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JCWI Lawyer in the News

Lawyer In The News #Windrush

In the middle of all the furore about #Windrush, JCWI  has remained on the front pages of all the major national newspapers and our Chief Executive has been interview throughout the last two weeks

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Hostile Environment Exposed for what it is - Nasty

JCWI in the news

The last few days has seen JCWI at the forefront of a media storm around the Windrush scandal.

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Our client Michael Braithwaite on C4 News

Our client Michael Braithwaite on C4 News

Please watch this heart rending story about our client, Michael Braithwaite.

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The Fear of NHS charging

NHS Charging

Satbir Singh and our client "John" from Sierra Leone  (and currently seeking asylum) went on the BBC's flagship Sunday Politics programme on the 25th March to discuss the fears, anxieties and inhum

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#AllWomenCount Event at Westminster - picture by Ro Murphy

#AllWomenCount – Celebrating International Women’s Day

March 8th was International Women's Day. We sent one of our JCWI communications interns, Agonita Qerimi to tell us all about it and here is her report. 

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Will everyone lose in the hostile environment?

Diane Abbott is Right - We Need A Fair and Humane Immigration System

The hostile immigration system adopted by the UK Government under Theresa May's watch as Home Secretary in 2012, isn't working.... for anyone.

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Supreme Court in Landmark Ruling

Supreme Court Passes Landmark Ruling on British Citizenship

Yesterday, the Supreme Court passed a lan

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#Immigration #MentalHealth

Immigration System is causing a mental health crisis, says JCWI's Satbir Singh

Today Satbir Singh did an exclusive interview on the mental anguish caused by the UK Government's pernicious  immigration system for a  leading Scottish newspaper and political blog, The Nation

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