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Palace of Westminster

GE2017: Political Shocks and Storms Continue.

This morning we woke to find a huge upsurge in the Labour vote and a hung Parliament.

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Two Decades in Limbo - Hope for refugees on UK soil in Cyprus

For the last 19 years successive UK Governments have been denying refugees on UK territory on the island of Cyprus the protection of the UN Refugee Convention.

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Saying No to the Roll Out of the Rent to Right Scheme

Today we have launched a Crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for a legal challenge to further roll out (to Scotland, Wales and Northe

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The Questions on Immigration You Need to Ask Your Local #GE2017 Candidates

With just six weeks to go until the general election on 8th June, we’ve created a short hustings document, so you can ask your local candidates the right questions about immigration.

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JCWI warmly welcomes APPG recommendations on refugee integration

Today JCWI reacts to the APPG on Refugees new report 'Refugees Welcome?

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JCWI’s six recommendations for a post-Brexit immigration policy

This new position paper looks at the shape of a post-Brexit immigration policy.

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Brexit day statement

JCWI taking action on Brexit Day

Brexit is happening, and now is the time to intensify all our efforts to secure

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