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JCWI’s six recommendations for a post-Brexit immigration policy

This new position paper looks at the shape of a post-Brexit immigration policy.

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Brexit day statement

JCWI taking action on Brexit Day

Brexit is happening, and now is the time to intensify all our efforts to secure

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Listen to the stories of people affected by Right to Rent

As our followers and subscribers will likely be aware, JCWI's recent report on Right to Rent, Passport

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The Lords takes a stand for EU citizens

This afternoon, the House of Lords will vote on an amendment to the Brexit Bill, which would guarantee the status of all EU citizens living in the UK.

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divided families

After the MM ruling: Help JCWI continue to fight for #dividedfamilies

Yesterday was a crucial day for the campaign to overturn the UK’s cruel family migration rules.

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Landmark Judgment in MM & Ors Government’s Family Migration Rules fail children and declared unlawful by Supreme Court, but income threshold stands

Today’s long-awaited Supreme Court ruling in MM & Ors gives hope to thousands of families divided or ex

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Today in a new report JCWI is calling on the Government to stop the Right to Rent scheme and abandon plans for its imminent rollout to

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EU nationals in the UK should be granted permanent residence

By Ruth Grove-White, JCWI Policy Advisor

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