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Remove First Appeal Later (or never)

Just over a week ago JCWI celebrated an all too rare victory for access to justice after the Government made a U-turn on its colossal increase to fees in the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal (yo

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Criminal sanctions for landlords roll back decades of tenants’ rights

From next Thursday, 1 December 2016, landlords and agents could face a criminal sentence of up to five years for renting a property to someone who is in the UK without legal status.

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What's next for Immigration Tribunal Fees?

We at JCWI were overjoyed to see Sir Oliver Heald’s unexpected announcement that the Government is backtracking on the huge fee increases imposed on the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal in October t

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JCWI Annual Seminar

JCWI Annual Seminar: Fighting for migrants’ rights in the era of Brexit and Trump

‘These are clearly unprecedented times: The Brexit vote and the new President Elect of the United States Donald Trump edge us towards isolationism and increased xenophobia,‘ said Saira Grant, JCWI’

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Fact or Fiction? Reviewing Trump’s 10 Point Immigration Plan

Ten things Trump has trumpeted he will do on immigration: a reality check

By JCWI Intern Annie Davidson

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Indian visas: hampering free trade beyond the Brexit zone

By JCWI intern Teresa Rack

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MedMig's Destination Europe? report really challenges what we think about current mass migration to Europe

Today saw the publication of MedMig’s Destination Europe?, a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of Mediterranean migration routes in 2015.

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Asylum seeker found on dinghy in English Channel highlights critical lack of safe, legal routes to UK

It's been just over a week since demolition of the Calais 'jungle' camp began.

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Modern slavery: Theresa May appears blind to the harm she is causing victims

Yesterday evening, in a service in honour of the 18th century anti-slavery campaigner William Wilberforce, the Prime Minister placed Britain at the forefront of the fight against modern slavery and

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Tory party conference declares open warfare on immigration

The messages coming out of the Tory party conference are a deeply concerning mess of xenophobia, populism, and self-contradiction.

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