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Commons to vote today on Lords amendments to the Immigration Bill 2015/16

This afternoon the House of Commons are considering amendments to the Immigration Bill 2015/16 which have been made in the House of Lords.

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The Pitfalls of ‘Permission to Rent’

Under the new Right to Rent scheme everyone is divided into two categories: those who have a right to rent, and those who do not.

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An Update on the Family Migration Rules in light of the MM case in the Supreme Court

The Home Office has agreed to review the Guidance concerning the Best Interests of children outside of the UK, following an intervention by JCWI and the Office of the Children's Commissioner (OCC) in the Supreme Court case of MM & Ors.

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£35k pay threshold for migrant workers who wish to settle is to be debated for first time on 7 March

Migrant workers in the UK just cannot catch a break these days.

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Right to Rent: A Tenant’s Guide to the Landlord Immigration Checks

JCWI’s Policy team has now produced a useful guide on the checks which is intended for tenants and those advising individuals in the private rented sector, both those currently renting or seeking a property to rent.

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Peers set to debate flaws with 'Right to Rent' scheme

This afternoon the House of Lords will debate Baroness Hamwee’s motion that the ‘Right to Rent’ co

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UK EU Referendum Negotiations – What has been agreed and what does this mean for migration?

Last week we published a blog summarising David Cameron’s key renegotiation points r

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Today the Supreme Court is to hear cases of families broken apart by the minimum income rules for foreign spouses

  • The Supreme Court will hear the cases of two British nationals and a resident here who can't afford to have non-EU spouses come and live with them.

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In what way has public opinion influenced the migration debate?

Less than 6 months ago the tragic image of Aylan Kurdi caught the world’s attention.

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