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Briefing & Reports

Broken Promises: The EU nationals the Government intends to remove after Brexit

Hundreds of thousands of EU citizens living in the UK have no guarantee that they will be able to stay, because the Government has broken its promise to give status to everyone who is not a serious

Response to Department of Health Overseas Visitor Charging Review

On this page you will find our response to the Department of Health's most recent review of up-front charging in hospitals for overseas visitors.

Guide to Spouse/Partner Visa Applications & Minimum Income Requirement

This note is for people who want to apply to live in th

JCWI Great Repeal Bill Briefing

Sleepy summer days are about to end with a bang in early September, when MPs come back to Westminster and Brexit debates begin again with full force.

Hustings note for General Election 2017: An Opportunity for Immigration Reform

This document is a resource for those attending and speaking at political hustings and debates in the run-up to June 8th.

A Brexit Guide for EEA+ Nationals & Family Members

Our guide has been updated as of 7 April 2017 with new information about the ongoing negotiations, and updated resources for EEA+ nationals and their family members looking to secure their

Post-Brexit Immigration Policy Paper

This new position paper looks at the shape of a post-Brexit immigration policy.

Passport Please

This report examines the impact of the 'right to rent' scheme a year on from its nationwide roll-out in England. The scheme requires landlords and agents to check the immigration status of all pros

JCWI briefing: A future settlement for EU treaty rights holders in the UK

Since the result of the June 2016 referendum on UK membership of the European Union, the future status of over 3.5 million EU treaty rights holders has remained uncertain.

A Guide to Discussing Immigration in Polite Company

This year, whether at a political hustings, social event or garden fete, it will be seemly to debate immigration with good manners and grace.

How to Build a Post-Brexit Immigration Policy: JCWI’s 5 Principles

While there will never be a full cross-party consensus on how immigration should be managed, we believe that all parties across the political spectrum can and should get behind these five broad pri

Immigration Bill 2015/16 Briefing for House of Lords Report 9 March

The briefing outlines our support for amendments to Parts 1 and 2 of the Immigration Bill 2015/16, tabled for report stage in the House of Lords on 9 March

JCWI Right to Rent Guides for Tenants & Advisors

Right to Rent: A Tenant’s Guide to the Landlord Immigration Checks

Briefing for the House of Lords debate on the annulment of the 'Right to Rent' Commencement Order

This briefing outlines JCWI’s support for Baroness Hamwee’s motion that a Humble Address be presented to