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Government adds unneccesary complexity and uncertainty to EU nationals deal

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Today Theresa May has set out the detail of her counteroffer to the EU's position on the rights of EU nationals resident in the UK and UK nationals resident in the rest of the EU post-Brexit.

Saira Grant, JCWI's Chief Executive, said in response:

We welcome the Government’s decision to simplify the process for EU nationals and family members applying for status after Brexit. It is gratifying that it has taken on board the concerns we and others raised regarding Comprehensive Sickness Insurance for example. 
However, we cannot fathom why they are making individuals who already have applied for Permanent Residence or a Residence card apply again. These are people who have already proven their right to be here to the Government’s satisfaction under a very stringent process. Many of them will have done so in order to feel more secure in the UK after Brexit. It is astonishing that the Government wants to take on the expense and administrative hassle of reprocessing all of those applications under a new scheme and thereby creating more bureaucracy  and continued anxiety for EU nationals.



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