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NHS Charging

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Posted on March 26th 2018

Satbir Singh and our client "John" from Sierra Leone  (and currently seeking asylum) went on the BBC's flagship Sunday Politics programme on the 25th March to discuss the fears, anxieties and inhumanity caused by NHS charging  targeting migrants - so clearly part of the hostile environment. 

"Expecting doctors to act as border police is a terrible reflection of how this government views immigrants. How little it cares for vulnerable people. How compassion for them, is an empty word. Destitute people with unsettled status, those seeking needing urgent medical care, many who of who have life threatening illnesses like cancer, are increasingly too scared to see their doctor and get the help they so desperately need. They remain in the shadows, terrified they will incur insurmountable costs. This policy undermines everything the health service stands for. Nobody wants it. Doctors, nurses, social care workers. First do no harm? How many lives have to be lost before this reckless government sees sense? Because one life is far too many. "…;




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