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Grant of indefinite leave to remain for former child refugee after 9 years’ wait

Our client fled Libya as a child and was allowed to remain in the UK on a discretionary basis when he arrived here as an unaccompanied minor. Due to turn eighteen, he applied  - in time - for further leave to remain.
He never received a Home Office letter inviting him for interview for this application and as a result the Home Office deemed his application withdrawn and served him with a removal notice.
This meant he lost his access to benefits and became homeless and destitute.
He then approached JCWI, whose actions prompted the Home Office to acknowledge that the application for further leave to remain had been wrongly treated as withdrawn. It was therefore accepted that he had made an in time application which was still outstanding.
Our client's benefits were therefore reinstated. Folllowing the submissions made by JCWI, the Home Secretary agreed to grant our client indefinite leave to remain outside of the rules.
This was granted in January 2017. 9 years after he applied for further leave to remain, and after periods of street homelessness caused by administrative delays and mishandling of his application, our client can finally build a secure life in Britain.