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Government Responds to one of the Consultations 10/10/13

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The Home Office has published its response to the consultation on Landlords regarding immigration status checks. It has failed to publish the response to the consultation on miggrant access to health care provision.

So, we can only comment on the Landlord's response, and conclude that major concerns of respondents have been summarily ignored.

1309 responses were received. JCWI’s main concern has been that asking landlords to check immigration status will result in many simply not letting to anyone who seems foreign resulting for fear of getting it wrong and paying a £3000 penalty. This will result in racial profiling and discrimination.  The Government accepts that asking landlords to check immigration status could lead to discrimination, it also accepts that it could impact strongly on vulnerable people and  agrees that it could create a shadow housing market. However, it maintains that it will deal with this by creating guidance and codes and will continue its work to address the shadow market. We submit that this is clearly not enough to address a policy that will fuel discrimination and racism

Subject to passage of the Bill through Parliament, the Government want the policy to come into effect, at least on a pilot basis, in autumn 2014.

Read the full response here.