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Immigration Act 2014 - summary provisions

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The Immigration Bill we have been campaigning and briefing against since October last year  received Royal Assent on 14th May 2014 and became the Immigration Act 2014 . JCWI briefed and lobbied against the draconian and discriminatory provisions which will change the legal immigration landscape and will significantly impact everyday immigrants in this country. Whilst our words did not go unheard and many a politician made a commendable speech on the vices of various provisions there was a lack of parliamentary majority and the Bill, minor a few concessions, has had its text unchanged as it has translated into an Act and thereby become law.  This is a sorry testimony to the times we live in but with a general election looming it is in our power to demand the democracy we want and we urge you to work with us and to come forward to make your voice heard.

JCWI maintains the Act is a regressive piece of legislation which will provide a platform for discrimination and prejudice. We will now be monitoring the effects of the Act.

The provisions of the Act are not yet in force and we await the schedule for implementation. We will keep our members and readers informed when we learn more.  If you become affected by the provisions when they come into force or want to help us challenge the Act then please get in touch with us.

Below you can download a summary of the Act. this documjent has been updated with clauses in force and expected dates of introduction of other clauses.