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Immigration Bill 2015/16 Briefing for House of Lords Report 9 March

The briefing outlines our support for amendments to Parts 1 and 2 of the Immigration Bill 2015/16, tabled for report stage in the House of Lords on 9 March

Below is a summary of our key recommendations:

  • JCWI recommends that Part 1, Chapter 1, seeking to create a new position of Director of Labour Market Enforcement, be removed from the Bill until the scope and remit of the position has been adequately considered and properly laid out.
  • JCWI supports the removal of clause 32, introducing a new offence of illegal working.
  • JCWI recommends that clause 37, introducing a new criminal offence for leasing premises to those without the ‘right to rent’, be removed from the Bill.
  • If Clauses 37 is to remain part of the Bill, JCWI supports the insertion of a sunrise clause to delay implementation of the provisions pending a full, transparent and public evaluation of the roll-out of the civil penalty regime in England from February 2016, looking specifically at the implications for discrimination and community cohesion and the Government’s obligations under the Public Sector Equality Duty (Equality Act 2010).
  • JCWI recommends that Clause 38 and 39, which grant new and extensive powers to landlords to evict individuals and families without due process, be removed from the Bill.