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Press Releases

Crackdown on ‘illegal’ immigrants leading to discrimination against Britons – especially ethnic minorities -  in housing market, new report shows

A new report by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) reveals that foreigners and British citizens without pas

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APPG Report on Integration of Immigrants: Government must act responsibly

All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration: Interm Report into Integration of Immigrants

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UK has legal and moral imperative to process asylum claims for adults and children in Calais camp

  As the Calais jungle is demolished the UK must do much more to live up to its proud tradition of welcoming people seeking sanctuary

The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants [JCWI

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Child exploitation will flourish under the Prime Minister’s migration policies

The UK’s new anti-slavery commissioner Kevin Hyland has written to the Home Secretary warning that the slow progress in bringing vulnerable young children from refugee camps to the UK is placing th

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Theresa May UN summit refugee

Theresa May’s comments  on refugees at today's UN summit on refugees and migrants are a disappointing demonstration of  Britain turning its back on the humanitarian crisis currently facing the worl

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No Points Based System for UK

Theresa May is right to reject calls to move the UK to an Australian style points based immigration system post-Brexit.

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ONS Stats August 2016

Irrespective of high net migration numbers and the recent Brexit vote the British public have steadily become increasingly positive about the benefits of migration.

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