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Press Releases

Britain attracts more highly skilled migrants than other EU countries

The UK attracts more highly skilled migrants than any other EU country.

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The current EU debate is at risk of losing sight of British values

We are an island of immigrants and migrants are our friends, colleagues and family members.

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The EU isn't stopping us deporting foreign national prisoners

The Home Affairs Select Committee claim that the EU is responsible for delays in deporting foreign national offenders is misleading.

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Today’s Migration Statistics should not be used to distort the EU debate

  • Net migration statistics tell us very little about the UK’s need for migrants and the benefits they bring.
  • The statistically significant rise in the proportion migrants

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Government's NHS charging proposals for migrants are an unworkable & costly mess

Extending NHS charging for migrants will create a discriminatory two-tier health system and increase costs

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Child refugees in the UK can finally hope to be reunited with parents

  • The UK’s Immigration Rules allow for refugees to be reunited with their children and dependent partners, but, in an astonishing oversight, do not allow children to be reunited with their paren

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EU Summit: How scapegoating migrants has backed Britain into a corner

As opposition to David Cameron’s renegotiation package mounts on the eve of the EU Summit, the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) comments on how scapegoating of migrants has backed

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Press Release: British families are currently being ripped apart under the guise of ‘controlling immigration’

The Government radically changed the Family Migration Rules in July 2012, creating a new and inflexible minimum income requirement of £18,600 for British nationals and permanently settled residents

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