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Immigration, Nationality & Refugee Law Handbook 2006 Edition

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JCWI's Immigration, Nationality & Refugee Law Handbook is invaluable for anyone working in immigration law and practice. Compiled by a team of immigration experts, all with practical hands-on experience in the field, the handbook offers a wealth of knowledge that is second to none.

Key features include:

  • Clear explanations of current legislation
  • Helps the reader understand Home Office practice
  • Practical guidance on how to tackle individual cases
  • Comprehensive tables, contents listing, and cross-referencing


  • What the immgration laws and rules say
  • What they mean in practice and how the system of immigration control operates
  • Regulation of immigration advisers
  • Asylum and human rights under the ECHR
  • Visitors and students
  • Spouses, partners and other family members
  • Workers and business people
  • How to make a civil claim for damages
  • Welfare entitlements, community care and NASS asylum support
  • Detention and enforcement of immigration controls
  • Civil claims and other remedies
  • Immigration and asylum appeals
  • Welfare entitlements and asylum support
  • British nationality law
  • Forthcoming changes

We aim to begin work on the new edition of the Handbook as soon as we are clearer about the new Government's planned legislative programme in this area.