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Fresh Claims for asylum seekers**MOVED TO 27 Nov**

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06/09/2018 5:00pm
06/09/2018 7:00pm


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Central London TBC
Mavelyn Vidal

This is an essential course for practitioners who wish to establish a firm basis on which to prepare fresh claims, to improve the chances of success, and – if the claim is rejected – to have the best possible prospects for challenging the decision.  Mavelyn Vidal  has extensive knowledge on the subject having worked in the field for over 20 years. Her practice includes both written and oral advocacy in the AIT, Administrative Court and the Court of Appeal. Mavelyn will be taking delegates through the practical and procedural steps in the application of a Fresh Claim. Case examples will be used to highlight recurring problems and best practice  There will be opportunities for discussion. This training is aimed at OISC immigration advisers level 3 and solicitors who have little or no experience in fresh claim application but are keen to develop their skills in this particular area.

The focus of the course will be on the practical steps involved in preparing a fresh claim for asylum seekers. Topics covered are:  

·        Framework for deciding fresh claims: the Immigration Rules

·        Who can make a fresh claim, and when?

·        Bases for a fresh claim

·        Practical tips for preparation of fresh claims

·        The contents of submissions in support of a fresh claim

·        The application process

·        Suspensive effect on removal / detention

·        Decisions on fresh claims

·        Challenges: Judicial Review

·        Funding

Objectives: At the end of the training delegates will have a greater understanding of the complexities of the process of applying for a Fresh Claim and be in a better position to advise their clients.