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Workshop: Immigration Applications**FULLY BOOKED**

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09/11/2017 5:00pm
09/11/2017 7:00pm


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Central London TBC
Mavelyn Vidal

This is an essential workshop intending especially for immigration advisors who find they sometime struggle with immigration applications. Due to the reduced categories of immigration decisions carrying a right of appeal, advisers must be mindful that they are equipped with the right tools to make an initial application.

The workshop will focus on the practical skills needed by an immigration advisor to: advise, and take initial instructions and draft a persuasive accompanying letter for a successful application at the Home Office or British Embassy on behalf of their clients. The workshop is taught by Mavelyn Vidal, a Level 3 IAA Accredited advisor with 21 years’ experience in the immigration field and 27 years’ experience of law teaching and training.

The course will look at the following:

Brief historical overview

 - modern UK immigration law, and  immigration control                                                                                                 

Basic guidance as to taking instructions from client

- especially eliciting what is client’s needs and wants                                                      

Consideration of the law and practice in relation to                                                                 

-Family settlement applications the ‘Old Rules’ (ie before 9 July 2012) briefly       

-Family settlement applications under Appendix FM Family Migration                  

-  EEA applications                                                                                                      

-  British citizenship applications                                                           

Basic Guidance taking final instructions and drafting the accompanying letter           

-particularly writing a persuasive cover letter


At the end of the course delegates will have acquired the confidence and a better understanding on how to prepare and lodge immigration applications and will be in a better position to assist their clients