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We demand a fairer and more humane migration system in the UK.

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Our trainers bring a wealth of practical knowledge, to give you the skills and confidence you need to work for your clients.

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We've been campaigning with migrants for justice since 1967.

People received free legal advice

Legal work

We won 22 grants for private or family life over the last year.




Joined our movement and said the Government's cruel migration act is not in our name!


Asylum claims won

Success for our clients

We successfully supported 42 people in winning their asylum claims and and secured immigration bail for 22 others last year.


Every penny we receive from our amazing supporters helps us protect the rights of the individuals and families targeted by the Hostile Environment, to strengthen our communities and to fight for a fairer system for everyone.

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Our movement has never been more important. People who move to our country, face constant attacks from our government and media. The more of us that come together, the stronger we are in fighting back.

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