We Move

A manifesto for migrant justice

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Right now, migrants in our communities are under attack. But we know that things don’t have to be this way.

We can and must fight for justice for people who move. This manifesto lays out a roadmap towards achieving the fairer society we all deserve.

We Move: A manifesto for migrant justice

Our manifesto calls for 5 key things:

1. Rights – Everyone should be able to thrive, no matter where we’re from

2. Safety – We must welcome people who seek sanctuary on our shores

3. Dignity – We all deserve to live with dignity and feel safe in our homes and workplaces

4. Justice – We should all be able to defend our rights and hold the government accountable

5. Community – We all deserve to find care and belonging in our communities


We've worked with our lived experience advisory board and a brilliant artist, @blkmoodyboi, to create this manifesto for change. Please read and share it, and join us in the fight for justice.